Soil/potting medium

Hop is a so-called alluvial plant. Its original growing areas including floodplains or wet meadows showing that hop prefers a good supply of water. However, its roots go deeply into the soil and can cover the high water demand from greater depths.
Even though hop appreciates an abundant water supply, they do not tolerate water logging - as most other plants!
For optimal growth certain soil requirements are needed:
The soil should be nutritious, loose and deep. Slightly heavier soil with a higher proportion of clay makes it easier to meet the high water demands of hops!
The pH should be between 6. 5 and 7. 5. In more acidic soils (pH lower than 5) there is a risk that trace nutrients such as magnesium are not available for hops. At higher pH values, nutrients such as iron are fixed and not accessible for hops.

Potting mix/Substrate:
Pot cultivation is not easy but possible.
Two factors are decisive for good success:
The bigger the bucket, the easier it is to maintain! The larger the volume, the better the buffering of under- and oversupply of nutrients!
Use only high-quality potting medium or even better: the best potting plant soil! These high-quality substrates may not be cheap, but they are worth every cent. Hop will thank you for many years! In our nursery we use the so-called "frux citrus and pot plant soil"; from the Patzer company for our hop mother plants. This substrate ensures that the substrate remains loose and airy for years to come thanks to high-quality additives such as broken expanded clay. An increased clay content stores nutrients and releases them in doses that are available to the plant.

Since hop grows enormously from May to June, the nutrient requirement is correspondingly high during this period. The best possible care must be taken when you do not want to be surrounded by ailing or pitifully vegetating plants. If you grow hops in buckets or pots, it would be worth considering to install an automating watering system and nutrient supply. There are different systems available.  Through my own experience I was very impressed by the Blumat system.