Planting of our young plants is easy:
The culture in a plastic pot forms a strong root ball. This pot is removed before planting. The root ball remains completely unharmed and the young hop plant can continue to grow without injury.
The use of a plastic pot has decisive advantages:
  • unhindered growth of the hop after planting
  • no injury in the root area
  • thereby lowest risk of a harmful pathogen infection
  • Independence from the season
  • optimal handling
  • safe transportation
When planting out our young hop plants, please note the following:
you like to loosen the soil a little deep.
If you know that the supply of your soil is somewhat lean, you can mix in nutrients in whatever form (e. g. good compost).
Grasp the pot from above with the plant shoots between your fingers (see Picture 1) and turn the pot upside down. With your other hand press slightly to the sides of the pot and pull it off with a light pressure on the bottom of the pot without damaging the plant roots.
Picture 1: Protect the plant by taking the shoot between your fingers

Picture 2: Slightly put pressure on the pot to loosen the roots

Picture 3: Take out the whole root bale with a slight pressure on the bottom of the pot

If you receive your plants around autumn, it is possible that a hop root has grown out through the drainage hole and has already become thicker than the hole. In this case it is best to cut the edge of the pot with pruning shears. After cutting open the pot, the plant can be freed easily!
Planting in a furrow
Place the young plant so deep into the ground that the surface of the ball is about 1-2 fingers wide under the ground. The old root ball should not look out of the ground, but the hop plant should not be buried too deeply!
Press the soil sideways against the bale and then water to create a connection between the root ball and the soil.
Potting on:
In case you want to grow hops in a pot or bucket, the same applies as described above.
Some things my be adventageous to the plants growing in a pot:
  • The bigger the pot/bucket, the easier it is to maintain!
  • Use only high-quality potting media or even better best potting plant soil! These high-quality substrates may not be cheap, but they are worth every cent. Hop will thank you for it for many years to come!