Hop is our passion!

Here in the region called "Hallertau"  the allrounder hops dominates every thought.
You are looking for an amazing plant for your garden? You are looking for a fast growing climber? You are looking for an annually  re-growing perennial? You are a home-brewer and want to cultivate your own hop?
Here you are right, in hops you will find a very interesting alternative!
If  you feel ready for hops, having browsed on our websites, you can order young plants in our online-shop: it's easy and quick. You can select single varieties or products containing hops.



We are shipping exclusively female hop-youngplants produced by green-cuttings. Seeds don't make any sense by hops!
Improve and ameliorate your garden and your life with this fantastic plant!
Some varieties are very quick signed as "not available at the moment", especially in May.
The propagations are in progress and plants will be available step by step in rising quantities. But the youngplants need some time to get strong enough!
The youngplants are cultivated and delivered in pots. Therefore it's no problem to plant these hops all over the vegetation-period.
Please have in mind that the first year is important for the hops to grow. You should not expect a big harvest in the first year.

Available soon at our store!

We are shipping our hop-youngplants all over the year Monday - Thursday.
Exceptions are made at special weather-conditions:
- in summertime by extremely hot periods
- in wintertime by deep frost

Our advice

Coupon-card 20,- €
20,00 EUR
This hop string can be used to provide a climbing aid for the hops.
The hop shoots wrap tightly around the climbing aid and can not slip off due to the rough surface.
This cord is about 5mm thick and 100% jute. For this reason, it can be cut and composted in the fall along with the hop vine.
3,99 EUR
Voucher 10,-
Copupon-card of 10,- €, redeemable in our Hopfen-Shop.
10,00 EUR


Tobi by malzknecht.de has written down his experiences with homegrown hop in his blog:


Tobi von malzknecht.de
"The hop plants from Eickelmann are a recommendation in many respects. The competent team will not only help you to choose the right hops, but will also be happy to give advice and tips on this great natural product. Eickelmann is simply 1A :-)"
In his blog he not only describes the cultivation of hop in his garden, but also how he is using the umbels in brewing beer and many more! It's worth visiting his sites!
Einfach mal "reinschauen", es lohnt sich!